Tourism -Chavi Land

Chavi Land

Chavi Land is another rare and remarkable project executed by the Nalia Corporation.
Spanning 1,000,000 sq. m., the $600 million project sits at the base of Goizha Mountain in
Sulaimaniyah city.
Work on Chavi Land began on August 1, 2010 and was completed on May 30, 2013. It is considered among the largest and most unique tourism projects in Iraq and the Middle East.
What distinguishes this project from others in the region are a number of features including its vast size, geographic location, wonderful design, and a variety of areas that have introduced modern tourist attractions unseen in neighboring countries.
Establishing Chavi Land in Sulaimaniyah as the largest tourism project in the Middle East is 
evidence of the existence of records being broken in this city.
The project is a celebration of the culture and history of Sulaimaniyah and Kurdistan along with the many other historic and tourist sites across the region. It also has attracted large numbers of tourists from across Iraq and the Middle East to come and visit Sulaimaniyah and Kurdistan.

Teleferic/Cable Cars

The Chavi Land teleferic was the first of its kind in Iraq and was built by Austria’s Doppelmayr cable car company at a cost of $10.8 million.
Thirty-two cars carry up to eight passengers each a distance of 2070 meters to the highest point of Goizha Mountain and can transport up to 1000 people each hour.
At a maximum altitude of 465 meters, the teleferic offers passengers breathtaking views of
Sulaimaniyah and the surrounding mountains through panoramic windows.

Wax Museum

The Chavi Land Wax Museum features life-size wax models of 38 Kurdish, Arab, and international
celebrities, including prominent artists and 

Aqua Park

The largest water park in the Kurdistan Region  and
Iraq is located on the edge of Goizha Mountain with
breathtaking scenery and fresh air.
The Aqua Park contains six swimming pools for  all
ages, large  water slides 15  meters high and more
than 40 meters long, as well as private pools.

Amusement Park

The Chavi Land Amusement Park comprises of nearly 50 rides and games brought to the 
Kurdistan Region and installed by a team of 
specialists with 100 percent safety guarantees. Rides are located in both indoor and outdoor parks.  

Roller Coasters

These are among the most enjoyable activities in Chavy Land Amusement Park. The length is 680 meters and the height is 36 meters. The width of the area is 36 meters and the length 80 meters. The area consists of six roller coasters which can hold 24 passengers with a speed of 120 km/h. 
Note: There are two roller coasters in the Park. 

Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel is known as the Chawy Slemani and is one of the best landmarks in Chavy Land, visible from across the city. It offers a great view of the park and of Sulaimaniyah. The Ferris wheel is the largest of its kind in the Middle East. 
It is 90 meters tall and can carry 288 passengers. It has been prepared with heating and cooling

The Scissors

The Scissors is another  exhilarating ride among Chavy Land’s attractions, with a  100 percent safety guarantee.  At 15 meters high, the ride can  accommodate 32 riders aged 12 years and above, taking them up and down 12 times per minute.

Swing Moon

A semi-circle 20 meters high and 18 meters wide, the Swing Moon has a car in each of its eight sections that swings from end to end. 
Up to 16 riders aged 8 years and older use their own strength to propel the car from start to finish.

Cinema 5D

The cinema has the latest picture technology in the world, brought for the first time to Iraq. Everything seen appears to be real. Humans and animals appear outside the screen. Water and other events happening to the characters are experienced. 
The cinema consists of 40 moveable seats. 

House of Horror

The House of Horror is both frightening and safe. Frightening things appear when people are inside the house. It is dark and consists of 15 moveable statues with scary voices in several hallways.
There are also frightening light devices.

Chavi Land Cabins

In the foothills of Goiza in a huge green forested area, 37 cabins have been created overlooking the city of 
Sulaimaniyah. Each cabin consists of two bedrooms, 
a kitchen and a large hall, which was built in the latest style. They have 24-hour service.
The cabins in Chavi Land are located in the foothills of the Goizha Mountains. They are at the highest part of Chavy Land, overlooking the project and the city. There is greenery, trees, and flowers around the cabins. There is a road to the cabins and there are three parking lots for tourists.
The distance between the cabins is 15 to 20 meters. Each cabin has a different garden. There are chairs, summer tables and grills for cooking inside the garden.
Large cabins measure 100 m2. They consist of two 
bedrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen and bathroom as well as other services.
Small cabins measure 80 m2. They consist of one 
bedroom, a sitting hall, a kitchen and a bathroom as well as other services.

Villas, Restaurants and Cafes

Several villas, restaurants and cafes were created inside Chavy Land, distributed equally over the area for tourists to rest and spend time with family.